View PCL files with SwiftView

SwiftView is a light, accurate application for viewing PCL, HPGL, TIFF and PDF files. To download a free 30-day evaluation, fill out the form below and an installer will be emailed to you.

Versatility: View and print PCL5, PCL6, ZHP, HPGL, HPG, TEXT, TIFF, JPEG, PLT and PDF.

Accuracy: SwiftView uses a complete raster image for each page. This makes it much more accurate than vector-based images.

Speed: SwiftView’s optimized image scaling algorithms deliver an unmatched combination of display speed and quality.

Size: Tired of viewers with massive footprints or that try to trick you into installing unwanted toolbars? SwiftView is small and efficient, and we’ll never try to sneak in ads or bloatware.

Customizability: Our powerful Imaging Command Set language enables advanced users to configure almost every aspect of SwiftView. Control what your users see, reconfigure buttons, add markups or control SwiftView from your application.

Note: We don’t abuse this information, and it is NEVER provided to anyone else. All information is sent to this website via secure HTTPS, and is not stored on this website.

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