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True Type Outline Fonts

True Type fonts have the advantage of providing all point sizes rather than requiring a file per point size in the manner of bitmap fonts.  Based on this we have phased out our bitmap fonts. We currently offer the following fonts, which represent most of the fonts available on a LaserJet 4000: 

Antique Olive
CG Omega
CG Times
Clarendon Condensed
Letter Gothic
Times New Roman
Simply download the file below using your preferred compression and expand into the directory "ttf" under the place SwiftView is installed ($NDGUTIL/ttf).

ttfonts.exe - automatic installer for Windows

TIFF information

TIFF was originally developed by Aldus (now owned by Adobe) and Microsoft.  It is the most open, portable and well defined image file specification.  However, like all comprehensive file formats, it was never intended that all features be supported by all programs.  When combined with the fact that many implementers appear to have ignored the spec, TIFF has acquired an undeserved reputation for problems.  SwiftView reads most normal legal bitonal (and many color) combinations of TIFF tags, as well as overlooking many common errors in illegal TIFF files.

TIFF Specification

The TIFF specification is provided here in the format made available by Adobe (Postscript) to promote the creation of legal TIFF files. 

Zipped PCL (tf1.zhp = 1,266 KB)
Windows Zipped Postscript (tiff6ps.zip = 136 KB)
Windows Uncompressed Postscript (tiff6.ps = 608 KB)
Unix Compressed Postscript (tiff6.ps.Z = 206 KB)

"Tiffy" tag analyzer

We created a simple program we call "tiffy" that dumps the tags from TIFF files - the most useful form of TIFF file analysis.  The source code is provided here free of charge.  It is written in "C" and is easily compiled on UNIX system using "cc" as documented in the file.  The source can be also be compiled on 16 bit Windows compilers or you can use the the Windows executable provided below.

"tiffy" source code (tiffy.c = 16 KB)
"tiffy" Windows executable (tiffy.exe = 35 KB)

TIFFY is primitive and a bit quirky.  It only accepts DOS-length 8+3 filenames and has problems with certain characters in the path, such as underscores.  If you get the message "The file _____ did not open" you may be experiencing this problem.  In that case, try moving the file to the root of your C: drive and give it a short name and a three-letter extension.

Please feel free to e-mail tech@swiftview.com any "tiffy" dump of a TIFF file you are having trouble with or have questions about.

Disable duplexing for SwiftView Fast/Windows Printing

By default SwiftView passes duplexing (double-sided printing) commands to the printer when using the Fast or Windows Print Methods. To disable this default behavior (to print one-sided), download and execute the self-extracting zip below. Note that Direct Print will not be affected and will continue to duplex. The self-extracting zip file below will place a file called npsview.ics in c: \Program Files\SwiftView.

"npsview.exe" Windows self-extracting zip file (npsview.exe = 28 KB)

Icon bitmaps

Here are some additional icons we have developed to use in button definitions. Feel free to modify these, but remember that you must follow the guidelines in our Tech Manual or the buttons will not be seen by SwiftView.

arrow.bmp (left pointing arrow)
back.bmp ("BACK")
fp.bmp (printer with FP for Fast Print)
hide.bmp ("HIDE")
magnify.bmp (magnifying glass)
show.bmp ("SHOW")
view.bmp (printer with VIEW for Print View)
binoc.bmp (binoculars (used for find/search))
copy.bmp (two pages)
flashlight.bmp (flashlight (used for find/search))
zoomin.bmp (magnifying glass with +)
zoomout.bmp (magnifying glass with -)
redbgprint.bmp (red, large print button)