Web server scripting

Active Server Pages (ASP) for MS Internet Information Server (IIS) and PHP3 on Apache, Netscape and IIS provide an excellent way of “gluing together” the various operations of your site.  They embed VisualBasic-like and C-like code, respectively, inside the HTML on your site.  That code is processed by your web server and what comes out is 100% HTML.  There need be no client components (i.e. you may output strictly HTML) but it is often useful to return Javascript to the browser client as well.  The result is a powerful, procedural method of creating HTML from data in a database, handling server based files, gluing various HTML and Javascript components together, and controlling SwiftView.

One excellent use of server scripting is with SwiftView. SwiftView is vastly more flexible than any other Netscape Plug-in or Internet Explorer ActiveX.  That’s easy to say, but what we really provide?  Here are a few examples that can’t be done, so far as we know, with any other product:

  • Control which SwiftView buttons are displayed, what they say and what they do.
  • Control default SwiftView settings, like PCL paper size and HPGL pen colors.
  • Add markup text like “PRELIMINARY” to any drawing or document.
  • Add hypertext links into the documents or drawings themselves.
  • Add “sticky notes” to documents or drawings