Text appears faint or difficult to read

In order to enhance display resolution, SwiftView uses anti-aliasing which can, under certain circumstances (e.g.  monitor settings) give a gray look to the characters.  The characters are higher resolution in the sense that it is possible to fit more on the screen at once.  If you zoom in closer on the page the characters appear sharper.  You can also modify the anti-aliasing by using the ICS command: set bitonalgamma absval 3 to make it blacker.  You can experiment with using different values instead of ‘3’.  To test these settings quickly, execute sview from the command line with an ICS command so that you don’t have to repeatedly save and edit the ini file.  From a command prompt in the directory where SwiftView resides type the following:  sview -ics”set bitonalgamma absval 3|ldoc c:\mydocument.pcl|draw” 

Then you can repeat the command, substituting different values for the “3”.  This command will darken printing as well.