How to set MIME types on an IIS server

When using IIS 6+ you will need to define a MIME type for
the license file because IIS 6 will not serve unknown MIME types.

Steps to do this:

1. Place the license file, named npsview.lic, in the root of the
Web Server.

2. In the IIS Manager, under the name of the local computer, under
the Web Sites folder, select the name of the website.

3. Now on the right side you will see the list of files in the
website root. Right click on npsview.lic and then left click on

4. On the HTTP Headers tab, click on the MIME Types button.

5. On the MIME Types window, click the “New” button and create a
type for .lic that has the type “text/plain”.

6. Save the changes and then restart the Web Server.