PCL fonts display incorrectly

If you have a LaserJet compatible (PCL 5) printer, you should be able to choose the print method direct print when printing.  If the result of that print method matches the screen, then SwiftView is correctly displaying the file.  If you don’t like the results, you will need to modify or re-generate the file.

If direct print and the onscreen view do not match, the file may refer to fonts that are installed in your printer.  If so, SwiftView needs to get access to those fonts as well.

  1. The best solution for this problem is for the file to contain its own downloaded fonts.  SwiftView uses bitmap fonts downloaded into the PCL file if they are available.  Currently, SwiftView supports “downloaded TrueType bitmap fonts” and “downloaded TrueType outline fonts”.
  2. Downloaded Intellifonts are not supported.  Intellifont is owned by Agfa Corporation, we cannot include it within SwiftView without paying a royalty on every SwiftView copy, which is impractical for our users.  Because of the cost, the rareness, and because it is being phased out, we do not plan to support it in SwiftView.
  3. If it is not possible for the file to contain its own downloaded fonts, install the TrueType fonts from the Support Files Page.

On Windows, if downloaded fonts are not available, SwiftView selects a Windows TrueType font to generate a reasonable (but not exact)representation of the font requested.  Remember SwiftView is optimized for high speed interactive viewing rather than exactly rendering all the “dots” in exactly the correct place.  This approach enhances speed while sacrificing little accuracy under most circumstances.

On UNIX, SwiftView provides font files placed in $NDGUTIL/p300x300.  If the font selected in the file being viewed is not available, SwiftView uses the PCL rules for picking the next closest font.  If you have unusual fonts or use a “symbol set” not supported by the basic files, this may be unacceptable.  For example, the basic symbol set provided is PC-8 not the Latin-1 common in Europe.  Download fonts.tar.Z from the Downloads page which contains a complete set of font files including both the PC-8 and Latin-1symbol sets.  See Appendix A of the Technical Reference Manual for details.