Outlook attempts to open .ics files

Outlook contains a component called iCalendar which exchanges people’s schedules to find mutually agreeable times to hold meetings.  It uses the file suffix .ics for these schedules in accordance with a proposed standard, Internet RFC 2739SwiftView registered the mime type .ics for SwiftView prior to this RFC, but unfortunately for us and our customers, MS has chosen to appropriate this suffix without doing much research on who might be already using it.  Since Internet Explorer ignores the mime type sent by the web server (an Internet standard) in favor of its file suffix association, if the user runs IE, the webmaster has no control over which program opens .ics files.

If you are an end user experiencing this problem, you may be able to simply save the file locally and rename it.  Whether that works for you or not, please notify the system administrator of this FAQ.  If you are a system administrator of a SwiftView site, we recommend that you rename any .ics files to .zhp.  One exception is the file npsview.ics in the root of the website, which does not need to be renamed.