Landscape documents appear cut off

You may be viewing an file that has no PCL commands indicating that it is a landscape file.  One solution is to change the default for SwiftView, the other is to correct the file.

    1. Set SwiftView’s default setting with an ICS command that sets landscape and shrinks the font so that 132 columns of text fit on a page:
      1.   sview -ics”pcl orientation landscape fontpitch 16.7 | ldoc c:\mylandscapefile.pcl | draw”


    1. Or correct your file with a PCL escape sequence that can also be added to the beginning of the ASCII file that tells SwiftView (and the printer) to treat the file as landscape, 16.7 cpi.  The escape sequence follows and can be added to your text file with a binary capable editor:
    1.   escape&l1Oescape(s16.7H
    1. That is a lower case L, the number one, and a capital letter O before the second escape.