Images appear skewed or distorted

On non-4:3 ratio screen resolutions Swiftview can skew the image being displayed. You can usually recreate this by setting your resolution to 1280X1024 and viewing an image of a circle. This issue tends to occur when using older video drivers, as newer drivers may automatically compensate and display the image correctly.

To Resolve This Issue:

  1. Download and install the latest video driver for your system
  2. Update the system variable that sets the aspect ratio for Swiftview
    Right Click ‘My Computer.’
    Select ‘Properties.’
    click ‘Advanced’ (tab)
    Click ‘Environment Variables’Under System Variables, click ‘New.’
    Variable Name = SV_DISPLAY_RATIO
    Variable Value = 1Click ‘OK’
    Click ‘OK’ to exit Environment Variables
    Click ‘OK’ to exit System Properties.

    restart your computer.
    view your document.

    This should resolve the issue most times. Please note that this DOES NOT fix printing problems, only viewing issues.