How to force SwiftConvert error messages to appear

SwiftConvert is intended for use as a silent, batch conversion utility. As such it runs and exits with no visual cues, even when errors occur. Sometimes during testing or troubleshooting this can make it difficult to diagnose possible issues.

To Resolve This Issue: enable error dialogs with SwiftConvert  you can simply include either the -v1 or -vm1 arguments.

Windows  -v1
Display suppressed SwiftConvert error dialogues. Windows systems only.
Ex: sview -v1 -c”ldoc test.pcl | save PDF all output.pdf onefile”
UNIX  -vm1
Display callbacks of current SwiftConvert process. Unix systems only.
Ex: svutil –vm1 -c”ldoc input.pdf | save PCL5 all output.pcl onefile”
IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to remove the argument after testing is complete or the automated process can stop and wait for user input before continuing.