What file formats are compatible with SwiftView?

PCL is the language of HP printers and can be generated by all Windows programs by clicking ‘print to file’ in the print dialog while printing to an appropriate HP printer.

  • PCL 3 (language used by DeskJet printers) – not supported
  • PCL 4, (language of older HP LaserJet printers) – supported
  • PCL 5 and 5e – supported
  • PCL 5c (color) – supported
  • PCL 6 monochrome – supported
  • PCL 6 color – supported

ASCII text is a subset of PCL 4 and is fully supported.

HPGL/RTL is the language of HP plotters and can be output by all CAD/CAM/CAE systems.  RTL (raster transfer language) is a subset of HPGL.  Monochrome RTL is supported, currently color RTL is not.

TIFF, including multipage TIFF, LZW, G3, G4, etc.  TIFF is the best format for monochrome images.  We don’t support tiled TIFF or JPEG embeded images in TIFF formats.

JPEG is the best format for color photos.  JPEG compresses by throwing away data, making text hard to read.

CALS Group 4 Raster Level 1.  Level 2 (multipage) is not supported.


However, we offer several installers, and most view a only a subset of the above types. Ask technical support which installer is best for you.