Customer Profile: Payroll made easy

Payroll made easy

A payroll company used to print and mail physical copies of monthly documents to their customers, costing a great deal of money in paper, production and time. Now they use the SwiftView Viewer to help customers view and print their payroll, quarterly, annual and miscellaneous reports.  Customers love the convenience of quick web delivery and 24-hour access, and the payroll service saves on printing and mailing costs.

How did they do it?         

The company set up a process where each document created by their application is run through the SwiftStamp program and embedded with a license for SwiftView Pro.  The stamped SwiftView Pro license allows their customers to easily view their PCL reports, or convert them to PDF.

How can we do it?

Stamping your files is easy! Contact to get a limited trial of SwiftStamp and a SwiftView installer. If you want to customize your users’ functionality when accessing your documents, such as restricting the ability to save or print, you can access our manuals here. To lean even more about SwiftStamp and the SwiftView Viewer, please visit our product pages or email