Customer Profile: Easy integration adds functionality to your products & services

Easy integration adds functionality to your products & services

A print management consulting firm needed a way for its output management system to view, search, extract, split and re-queue large PCL print jobs (as opposed to reprinting entire documents). This was critical to their operations as an advanced document workflow services provider, and they needed a solution that could be integrated quickly and easily into their existing services.

How did they do it?

SwiftView is integrated into their print & mail automation product, providing behind-the-scenes PCL viewing, text search, page extraction and document splitting. This functionality is seamlessly included alongside the product’s other, native functions.

Using SwiftView’s unique textual command API, the Imaging Command Set (ICS), they customized exactly what they wanted SwiftView to do, hidden behind their application’s user interface.

How can we do it?

You can easily integrate SwiftView into your own applications or services, customizing exactly what you want it to do and how you want it to appear to the end-user, all without complex programming. For more information about integrating SwiftView products, please contact our sales team at