How to add a TrueType font to SwiftView

Our naming conventions follow the PCL syntax for font selection. For example CG Omega Italic is:
|  |  |  |   |   |_______ .ttf indicates Truetype font
|  |  |  |   |_________ 17t Indicates CG Omega. Uses Esc(s#T syntax.
|  |  |  |___________ 0b indicates normal weight. Uses Esc(s#B syntax.
|  |  |_____________ 1s indicates itallic. Uses Esc(s#S syntax.
|  |_______________ 1p is proportional. Uses Esc(s#P syntax.
|_________________ sv = SwiftView font
To install the font it needs to be placed in the directory named ttf with sview.exe or svutil. On Windows this will normally be either C:\Program Files\SwiftView\ttf or C:\Program Files(x86)\SwiftView\ttf. You can specify a different location for SwiftView fonts by setting the NDGTTFONT environment variable.
The name of the font will also need to be placed in the dirlist file located in the ttf directory before SwiftView will recognize it. The order the font is included in the list does not matter but the last font MUST have a Carriage Return included after it or SwiftView will not recognize it.