How to add PDF configuration files

Occasionally some glyphs or characters, such as a checkmark, do not appear in a PDF as expected when viewed using SwiftView. This is normally caused by the PDF being created using a font, such as ZapfDingbats instead of Windows’s wingdings, that is not directly available to SwiftView by default.
To resolve this issue you need the appropriate new font files to be placed on the system along with a configuration file named “xpdfrc”. xpdfrc should be placed in the SwiftView install directory and should use the fontFile command to direct SwiftView to the new fonts. In the example below the font files were places in the SwiftView install directory but could be placed anywhere.
Example xpdfrc:
fontFile ZapfDingbats “c:\Program Files (x86)\SwiftView\d050000l.pfb”
fontFile Symbol “c:\Program Files (x86)\SwiftView\s050000l.pfb”