How to add a button to the SwiftView GUI

How to add a button:
Adding a button to the GUI toolbar is done with the “gui button” ICS command. The format of the full command is:
    gui button label ls icon in info tts command ics
    label ls – text string that appears on the button in the GUI
    icon in – name of the built in icon (exit, all, wide, rotate, reload, print, save, open and help) or filename of bitmap image.
    info tts – optional tool tip text string
    command ics – ICS command(s) to be executed when the button is pressed.
Example buttons:
1) New button for opening the default dialog for saving. This is identical to the default Export button in SwiftView Pro.
    gui button label “Save” icon save info “Save dialog” command “gui dialog save”
2) New button for printing using the Windows Print method. This doesnt allow the user to select the other Print Methods.
    gui button label “WinPrint” icon print info “Windows Print dialog” command “gui dialog winprint”
3) New button that immediately sends the current file directly to the default printer.
    printer number 33 type DIRECT command none alias “na,na,na”
gui button label “Direct Print” icon print info “Send file directly to printer” command “plot 33 all”
Removing a button:
You can remove all current buttons from the toolbar by passing ‘gui controls clear’
Clearing a single one of the default buttons can also be accomplished by using the ‘ gui controls remove “bn” ‘ where bn equals the internal name of the button to be removed. For example, to remove the standard Export button from SwiftView Pro you would need to use the ‘save’ option.
gui controls remove “save”
Other available options are all, wide, rotate, print, help and quit.