A4 and Legal sized documents are cut off

This problem usually occurs in PCL files that do not contain a PCL escape sequence that describes the paper size.  In the absence of a page size command, SwiftView behaves like a LaserJet printer with default factory settings, meaning that it selects ‘letter’ size paper.  One solution is to change the default for SwiftView, the other is to correct the file:

    1. ICS commands can be used to define the default page size.  For example:


        sview -ics”pcl pagesize 26 | ldoc c:\my_A4_file.pcl | draw”


        sview -ics”pcl pagesize 3 | ldoc c:\my_Legal_file.pcl | draw”


      Note that there is no space between -ics and the quote character.

    1. A PCL escape sequence can be added to the beginning of the PCL file that tells SwiftView (and the printer) to treat the file as A4.  The escape sequence follows and can be added to your text file with a binary capable editor, such as VEDIT, CRISP, Notemaid, and many others :
escape&l26A ( for an A4 file)
escape&l3A ( for a Legal file)

Where escape is the escape character, and a lower case L follows the ampersand.