SwiftConvert batch converts multiple full-color files to PCL5, PCL6, ZHP, HPGL, HPG, TEXT, TIFF, JPEG, PLT, TXT and PDF. Convert PDF files to other formats with SwiftConvert+PDF.


Speed: Convert up to 1,700 pages per minute

Accuracy: SwiftConvert’s true print-quality rendering creates a complete raster image for each page, ensuring your documents are as true to the original as possible.

Searchability: Searchable text from the original file is preserved during conversion, so other applications can search and select it.

Indexing, Modification & Extraction: Add logos, barcodes and other markup elements, wherever you need them.

Automation-Ready: Use SwiftConvert in conjunction with our Directory Monitor tool (or your own process) to create hands-free, unattended file conversion servers.

  • Converts from: PCL5, PCL6, HPGL & TIFF
  • Converts to: TXT PCL5, PCL6, ZHP, HPGL, HPG, TEXT, TIFF, JPEG, PLT, TXT and PDF.
  • Pixel-Perfect Conversions: SwiftConvert doesn’t cut corners with vector images, but renders a complete raster image for each page to maximize accuracy
  • Archive-ready: Output is fully compliant with PDF/A-1b
  • Secure PDFs: Output encrypted and/or password-protected PDF files
  • Searchable PDFs: Searchable text from the original file is included in converted file
  • Color PCLs: Full PCL color support
  • Options: Add the ability to convert PDFs to other file formats with the SwiftConvert+PDF option. Add the ability to view files with the SwiftView Pro viewer.

SwiftConvert is a high-performance document conversion & data extraction tool that can be easily integrated into your application or document management system. It can be paired with SwiftView to cover all of your application’s document management needs.

All aspects of SwiftConvert and SwiftView can be managed using our easy-to-use, textual Image Command Set language (ICS). ICS commands can dynamically modify the user interface, control what is being viewed and configure complex automated document management processes.

You can find the ICS configuration manual here.

Automated Hot Folders: SwiftConvert and the Directory Monitor utility can be used to create an automated conversion server. Your end-users  simply drop files into the input folder, and their converted documents appear in the output folder.

Indexing & Modifying: Use SwiftConvert to index large PCL files, and then  apply logos, barcodes, and other visible elements using JPEGs or TIFs.

Extracting: Use the SwiftExtract batch utility for fast, efficient extraction of a range of pages from a large PCL file.  The result is a new PCL file that is bit-for-bit identical to the pages in the original PCL file, and can be printed with absolute accuracy by any PCL/LaserJet-compatible printer.