Perfect for the mass-distribution of files, SwiftStamp provides secure and accurate access to your documents. SwiftStamp embeds a license into the file itself, allowing users to view and print using SwiftView without having to purchase their own license.


Economical: Stamped files do not require any other license to view, making it very appealing for end-users. You can buy a license for unlimited stamping, a limited number of stamps per year, or a fixed block of stamps.

Customizable: Stamps can provide users with SwiftView, SwiftView Pro or SwiftView Pro+PDF to provide the right functionality for your users. You can also use our Imaging Command Set (ICS) to control the end-user experience through your file’s stamp. Select which buttons, logos and features are available for each document.

Easy-to-Use: All you need is an install page where your users can download SwiftView, and they’re ready to access your stamped documents! No need for them to bother with installing their own license or entering an activation key.

Secure: If the file or stamp is altered, the file cannot be viewed. This prevents unauthorized changes to your document.


Non-Invasive Licensing: Stamps do not appear on the document. They do not change the appearance or operation of the file in any way; for example, print files can still be copied to a printer. Markups and embedded metadata do not modify the original file; they are embedded as part of the SwiftStamp.  Your document can be viewed or printed with or without the markups.

Embedded Metadata: Embed workflow information directly in your files: author information, notes, and even XML data that you define.  The data stays with your document without interfering with printing, and cannot be tampered with, only rewritten/augmented with SwiftStamp.  It is viewable in SwiftView and extractable with SwiftStamp’s Batch Utility.

Data Verification: Successful viewing with SwiftView proves that your SwiftStamped PCL, HPGL, PDF or TIFF file remains 100% original and unchanged.  If the original file is modified after the license has been inserted, the file can no longer be viewed or printed in SwiftView, thereby detecting unauthorized changes. Added markup and metadata is included in this verification, providing traceability of review processes.

Note that stamped PDFs are only viewable with the Swiftview viewer.