Application Service Provider (ASP) partners manage and/or distribute web-based or transaction-based services and solutions to customers from a central data center. SwiftView products may or may not be embedded in their proprietary system, depending upon the application. ASP accounts are typically negotiated and monitored on a “per transaction” basis.

In order to qualify as an ASP, you must deliver SwiftView Tools as part of your own software/ASP product and provide all marketing, sales, product installation, product technical support and other services to the end user customer. In addition, the SwiftView Tools technology cannot be made available as a standalone application directly to the end user. For example, you can enable your customers to use the SwiftView Viewer as part of your web-based service but under the terms of the ASP agreement, your customers cannot directly access the SwiftView Viewer outside of your service or use it to access documents from other sources. To do so, they would need to license the SwiftView software for their own use, either directly from SwiftView or through you under a separate a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) partner agreement. Licenses must be purchased for each server on which SwiftView products are available.

As an ASP partner, you will be able to offer your clients customized applications and services that save substantial time and money. These applications are ideal for outsourcing as well. If you are interested in adding SwiftView Tools to your web-based or transaction-based application, the ASP business partnership is worth considering.

Basic terms for the ASP Partnership include:

  • Substantial discounts from list price.
  • Signed ASP Agreement.
  • Free maintenance, updates and technical support for the ASP when appropriate annual commitment levels are met.
  • Royalty based price models are available for qualifying accounts.
  • Additional ASP discounts and licensing options are available for multiple purchases and high volume accounts.


To discuss ASP licensing or to request evaluation copies for any product in the SwiftView Tools product line, email SwiftView Partner Sales at or call 406-545-5588. All partner programs are subject to the terms and conditions of our Standard Software Licensing Agreement.