SwiftView Technology
What makes SwiftView Swift?

SwiftView is the fastest, most accurate PCL viewer available.  SwiftView tools are unmatched in the industry for fast PCL analysis and document management.  Our advanced, unique, and effective technologies are the reason.  Underlying it all are the inherent advantages of PCL as a portable document format.

  • Fast, accurate viewing.  SwiftView is swift because of our long experience rendering PCL, HPGL, TIFF, and JPEG.  SwiftView's optimized image scaling algorithms deliver an unmatched combination of display speed and quality on low-resolution computer displays.  Our experience displaying documents for thousands of customers since 1994 gives us the expertise to correctly display all kinds of PCL and HPGL files. 

  • Transparent installation.  SwiftView takes advantage of the latest and best browser-based installation technologies to insure the easiest possible installation process.  Whenever possible we avoid the dreaded "please reboot now" message!  Compare this to a 27MB Acrobat upgrade!

  • Transparent viewing of zipped files.  We have incorporated standard "zip" file compression technology directly in SwiftView.  This makes rapid delivery of compact documents directly to the user's desktop extremely easy. 

  • Full PCL support.  SwiftView Pro and SwiftConvert support all of PCL5 and PCL6, in a single integrated rendering architecture.

  • Intelligent printing.  On Windows, SwiftView takes full advantage of the fact that PCL and HPGL are actual print streams, and prints using the most precise and efficient printing method possible for your printer.  If possible, the original data is copied directly to the printer.  Otherwise, if the printer is PCL compatible, SwiftView renders directly to compact PCL data and copies that directly to the printer.  For non-PCL printers, standard Windows printing is used. 

    If you have PCL documents and a LaserJet or HPGL-compatible printer or plotter, the printout IS the original document - no print driver or distiller gets in the way to change its appearance.  PCL and SwiftView preserve the page layout of your original printed document, including mixed page sizes and duplexing.  No other portable document format, including Acrobat and PDF, can do all this! 

  • Our unique licensing technologies insure that our pricing is a reasonable fit to your application. 

  • Pages On Demand™ (POD): Rapid page access and page extraction. SwiftView's Pages On Demand technology is more than just breaking simple PCL files into multiple pages.  Because it handles macros and downloaded fonts that can be embedded anywhere in the file and used on any subsequent page, it can accurately and efficiently extract any range of pages from any PCL file.  And because it caches page information both in memory and on disk, it can dramatically improve speed of access to large, frequently used reports, such as large runs of customer statements accessed by a customer service department. 

    Pages On Demand technology is the core of the SwiftExtract PCL page extraction utility.  In the SwiftView viewer, it enables instant access to any page in a large PCL file, and with a New! SwiftView Pro license it enables direct printing of a range of PCL pages.  This allows very fast and totally accurate printing of a few pages of a large PCL file to LaserJet-compatible printers.

SwiftView and SwiftConvert easily add PCL and HPGL capabilities to your application

SwiftView is not just a viewer, but a sophisticated PCL analysis tool.  SwiftConvert is a high performance PCL/HPGL conversion and data extraction tool, with all the ease of integration of the SwiftView Viewer.  The following technologies enable easy integration of SwiftView and SwiftConvert into applications and document management systems:

  • Control using textual ICS commands SwiftView's ability to accept ICS commands from pipes, files, or DDE makes loose integration simple with no programming

  • Data extraction using textual callbacks SwiftView returns its status and file information in a simple, easy to parse textual callback stream.

  • Batch utility operation.  SwiftView Viewer, SwiftConvert, or SwiftExtract can be run as a background utility program without its user interface.  Here is sample Windows C and VB code.

  • Sophisticated Integration.  The SwiftView ActiveX control and SwiftInside DLL make tight integration with C and VB-based Windows applications a simple task.  Embed SwiftView in your Windows user interface, or execute it as a background utility.

  • Searching and Indexing.  SwiftView carefully analyzes the text in a PCL file to build an accurate index or "plain text" equivalent of the text actually printed by a PCL file for searching and indexing.  Formfeeds and spaces are inserted as needed to produce a fixed-width approximation of the vertical column alignment of the text.  Descrambling technology in SwiftPublish eliminates problems commonly encountered with unsearchable text in PCL files generated by Windows printer drivers.

    Here is an example of how you can Index, markup, and extract specific pages from a print file or report.

What all this means to SwiftView customers...

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