Integrating SwiftView into your application

Use the SwiftView viewer to display your documents or drawings:

  • in a separate Windows or Unix viewer window under control of your application
  • in a Windows web browser, as an IE4+ ActiveX control or Mozilla/Firefox Plug-in
  • in your Windows GUI, as a DLL or ActiveX control supporting Visual C, C++, C# or Visual Basic, using .NET or the Win32 API

Integrate SwiftConvert or SwiftExtract as a batch utility, hidden under your application's user interface.  Here is sample Windows C, C++, C#/.NET, or Visual Basic code.

Regardless of how you integrate SwiftView viewer, SwiftConvert, or SwiftExtract, on Unix or Windows, SwiftView's unique textual command API, the Imaging Command Set (ICS) makes it easy to configure and control SwiftView.  You can supply ICS commands on SwiftView's command line, in "ICS" files, or from CGI, ASP, PHP, DDE, pipes, etc, without complex programming. 

Website integration resources:

Developer Manuals
Programming Demos

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