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SwiftView® Viewer Features
Here are a few of SwiftView's features:

Fast and Accurate Viewing and Printing
  • Formats viewed:  PCL 5, PCL 6, color PCL 6, PCL 4, HPGL, HPGL/2, TEXT, TIFF, JPEG, CALS G4, and PCX/DCX.  PCL is the data sent to HP LaserJet or compatible printers.  HPGL is the data sent to HP-compatible plotters.  Over 70 million HP LaserJet printers (plus many more compatibles) have been sold, making PCL the most common print format.  Technical details
  • Inherent accuracy:  The PCL/HPGL print stream displayed by SwiftView is the real document or drawing as it actually prints, not a conversion to some proprietary format!  SwiftView's PCL rendering to screen and to non-PCL printers is highly accurate, used by many as a reference standard.
  • Faster document transfer:  SwiftView directly reads zipped PCL and HPGL.  The 3x - 10x size reduction dramatically reduces download times and saves disk space.  Zipped PCL is 2x - 25x smaller than PDF for the same document!
  • Faster display:  It's called SwiftView for a reason - our TIFF, HPGL, and PCL display speeds are legendary.
  • Print any document or drawing which can be viewed:  Print all pages, a range of pages one page, or a rectangular section from any page. 
  • Full support for documents with a mix of letter/legal pages:  When printing PCL, SwiftView preserves the page layout of your original printed document, including mixed page sizes and duplexing. 
  • Intelligent Printing:  SwiftView takes full advantage of the fact that PCL and HPGL are actual print streams, and prints using the most precise and efficient printing method possible for your printer.  If you have a LaserJet or HPGL-compatible printer or plotter, the printout IS the original document - no print driver or distiller gets in the way to change its appearance.  No other portable document format, including Acrobat and PDF, can do this!
Trivially Easy to Install, Learn and Use
  • Small, "one click" installation:  SwiftView's 1 MByte download installs very quickly with a single click on our website or yours.  There is no separate download step, no looking around to find out where it downloaded, no answering a dozen questions.  Users see only their browser's standard security warning and it's done!.
  • Extreme simplicity:  SwiftView's simple, configurable user interface lets users pan, zoom, page, search for text and more using only 10 default buttons and no menus.  Training and support costs are virtually nonexistent.  User manual
  • Native language support:  SwiftView is shipped with support for Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.  All program messages can be easily translated to other western european languages by just editing a text file.  Or you can even customize messages in English (e.g adjusting help messages as you customize SwiftView).
Easy to Integrate and Configure
  • Seamless integration:  SwiftView is available as an integration technology for OEMs, ASPs, and developers.  Integration is trivial!  Visit our Partners page for more information on our partner programs.
  • Control the user experience:  Simple yet powerful text-based Imaging Command Set (ICS) (our text command API), enables document managers and webmasters to add annotations, specify default settings, and control GUI features specific to your application, all without complex programming.
  • Fonts On Demand:
  • Macros On Demand: Browser-based Windows SwiftView can automatically download from a web server any macros or fonts required by a PCL document.  This enables on-line forms to be implemented just as they often are in real printers, with pre-installed fonts and macros.  The fonts and macros are cached by the browser, so only need to be downloaded once for any number of delivered documents, dramatically improving performance. 
  • Markup:  Add notes, stamps, and annotations to your documents for viewing and printing in SwiftView as part of your document distribution process.  Transparently embed the markups in the file in a SwiftStamp, or send them in an associated ICS file.
  • Wide OS support:  Runs on Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 & Server 2003/2008 and the most common Unix systems:  Linux, HP-UX, Solaris Sparc/Intel, IBM RS/6000 AIX, and SCO. SwiftView's small size (about 2 MB) assures high performance even on old, slow systems.  One viewer for all your workstations!
  • Ongoing Enhancement:  SwiftView is being improved much faster than Acrobat, with major releases twice a year.  We are highly responsive to the needs of our customers, often adding special features on request, 
Enhanced SwiftView Pro adds more features. 

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