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SwiftStamp lets anyone, anywhere view and print your files with the SwiftView viewer for FREE!  It adds a Standard SwiftView viewer license to a file, without altering how the file displays or prints.  The file can then be supplied to users via email, website, CD-ROM or any other medium.
Here's how simple it is:
  1. "Stamp" a SwiftView license into your PCL, HPGL and TIFF files, interactively with the SwiftStamp Multi-File GUI, or as part of your automated document workflow using the SwiftStamp Batch Utility.
  2. Provide an install page for your users, click here to learn how
  3. RESULT: anyone, anywhere can view your files for FREE with SwiftView. 
SwiftStamp licensing is particularly useful for mass distribution of accurate documents and drawings.  SwiftStamped files plus the SwiftView viewer can be distributed via CD-ROM, a website, intranet, or e-mail, providing a complete hassle-free solution for information distribution. 

SwiftStamp Features
  • Cost-effective: unlimited stamping on a yearly rental basis, or stamps-per-year pricing
  • Manually stamp documents singly, in small groups, or whole directories with the SwiftStamp Multi-File GUI.
  • Seamlessly integrate SwiftView licensing into your document distribution systems and automated document workflow
  • Control stamping from your own GUI
Note: SwiftStamp for Pro Viewing is not currently available - SwiftStamp only enables Standard SwiftView Viewer.

Key SwiftStamp Benefits

Key SwiftStamp Features

SwiftStamp is more than just licensing - it's an enabling tool for PCL, HPGL, and TIFF-based document delivery and workflow:

Security: Document Verification, data integrity, and non-repudiation: Successful viewing with SwiftView proves that your SwiftStamped PCL, HPGL, or TIFF file remains 100% original and unchanged.  If the original file is modified after the license has been inserted, the file can no longer be viewed or printed in SwiftView, thereby detecting unauthorized changes. Added markup and metadata is included in this verification, providing traceability of review processes.

"Embedded metadata": Embed workflow information directly in your files: author information, notes, and even XML data that you define.  The data stays with your document without interfering with printing, and cannot be tampered with, only rewritten/augmented with SwiftStamp.  It is viewable in SwiftView and extractable with SwiftStamp Batch Utility.

Control the user interface: Add SwiftView ICS commands to the SwiftStamped file to customize the viewer, e.g., add custom buttons, configure printing, etc.

Add markups to the file: programatically with SwiftStamp Batch Utility or interactively with the Multi-File GUI. 

Stamps are completely transparent.   The embedded SwiftStamp is invisible and does not display when viewing or printing the file.   Information about the author and reviewer(s) is displayed in the SwiftView file information dialog (F8) - great for sign-off on collaborative documents.  Markups and embedded metadata do not modify the original file; they are embedded as part of the SwiftStamp.  Your document can be viewed or printed with or without the markups.

UNIX or Win32 SwiftStamp Batch Utility

User Manual

The SwiftStamp Batch Utility is excellent for implementing centralized document management systems.  Reports can be SwiftStamped and freely distributed to your entire company.  Electronic drawing rooms can distribute your CAD drawings as print-perfect HPGL.  Field personnel with portable PCs can receive reports, documents or drawings by email, intranet, Website, floppy disk, or CD-ROM, and view and print with SwiftView for FREE. 

Files may be SwiftStamped on the licensed system during your automated document management processes.  Batch stamping of entire directories is easy - see the manual for an example.

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