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SwiftPublish Workstation Edition - the Document Workflow Toolkit
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SwiftPublish captures PDF, Microsoft Office(TM), HTML, or any other Windows documents, then converts them to small, accurate, searchable, print-ready PCL or archive-ready TIFF files. 

Automate your print, document delivery, content management, and archiving workflows:

It's Easy:  Just print to the SwiftPublish "virtual printer" or copy files directly onto the SwiftPublish Desktop icon.
It's Configurable:  SwiftPublish processes the output document according to your custom SwiftPublish configuration.
It's Reliable:  SwiftPublish includes high quality print utilities, or works with any print-capable Windows program such as Microsoft Word to faithfully transform documents.  Because the document was rendered by its native application, you know it's accurate.

Need to convert PCL, HPGL, or TIFF files to PCL, TIFF, or text?  Try SwiftConvert

Example Applications

Import PDF and Windows documents into your product or application:  Do you have a PCL or TIFF-based document, print, or imaging workflow?  Leverage your investment to serve users and customers who do not have PCL or TIFF data.  SwiftPublish converts to PCL or TIFF and automatically invokes your program.

Import PDF and Windows documents to SwiftView Tools:  Take advantage of SwiftView viewing, conversion, indexing, and analysis technology, regardless of the original document type.

Networked print services:  SwiftPublish makes it easy to deploy server-based printing solutions.  Import PDF or other file types to PCL, then transfer the PCL directly to LaserJet-compatible printers or convert to print to any Windows printer.  SwiftPublish makes printing easier, faster, and more accurate for your users.

Archiving and document management systems:  Zipped PCL is an excellent archiving and document distribution format, offering smaller file sizes than TIFF or PDF and retaining searchability.  SwiftPublish imports other file types into your PCL-based archive. 

See Getting Started Evaluating SwiftPublish to learn more about how SwiftPublish works. 

General Features

  • Automate your conversion workflows: A simple command-line utility allows you to batch-convert files under control of your application, according to settings you supply on the command line.
  • Easily convert single files: Users just print to the SwiftPublish printer or drop a file in a hot folder to manually capture and convert any Windows document.
  • Convert to zipped PCL: Then use SwiftView Viewer to accurately view and print zipped PCL.
  • Capture searchable text: Document text is stored in the PCL file for SwiftView and SwiftConvert to select, search, extract, and convert.  Documents converted to TIFF remain searchable.
  • Convert to TIFF/ZHP: SwiftPublish can save the PCL print data as TIFF, using built-in format conversion.
  • Color output option
  • Customize SwiftPublish For Your Application

    • Compress into a zip file for document distribution or archiving
    • Save the PCL/TIFF file in a location of your choosing
    • Write the PCL or TIFF files to a configured directory, e.g. on a network filesystem
    • Print the PCL file to a Windows printer
    • Generate a unique output filename for each processed document
    • Run your application on the PCL or TIFF file

    Supported Input Document Types

    SwiftPublish can work with any program capable of printing on Windows to convert that program's files to PCL/TIFF.  This insures that your files are rendered with the latest technology available from leading software vendors.  You are responsible for licensing printing applications from your vendor of choice.  We specifically test and support importing these files, using these programs:

    • PDF: You will need to have Adobe Reader installed.
    • .doc .ppt, .xls, or other Microsoft Office document files: Microsoft Office 2003/2007.
    • TIFF, PCL, or HPGL: a print utility is included.  Note: Only TIFF files produced by Microsoft Office Document Imaging and SwiftView Tools support searchable text.
    • HTML: Internet Explorer.
    • plain text or PCL: plain text is a subset of PCL; both are simply copied without change.  Note: we recommend using SwiftConvert to convert PCL or text directly to TIFF or PDF.

    Capture searchable text

    PCL print files produced by Windows 2000/XP+ printer drivers are commonly not searchable - the text is "scrambled".  SwiftPublish overcomes this problem by capturing all visible, searchable text printed by the application and storing it as hidden data in the PCL file.  SwiftView Viewer and SwiftConvert can then search, select, analyze, and extract the text.  The hidden text never interferes with copying the PCL file to a printer, and only slightly increases the file size. 

    Note: SwiftPublish text capture is not optical character recognition ("OCR").  Some applications display text that is actually part of an image.  SwiftPublish cannot capture this "text".  SwiftPublish captures exactly the text that can be searched or selected when viewing the original document. 

    How are SwiftPublish+PCL better?

    SwiftPublish, SwiftView Tools, and PCL/TIFF offer many advantages over other print, document workflow, and archiving solutions:

    • PCL and TIFF are non-proprietary formats with a long history of reliable use.
    • The PCL produced by SwiftPublish is the actual print stream from your application, as it printed on your LaserJet-compatible printer.  Unlike typical converters or Windows "print distillers" (e.g., to PDF), you have no worries about inaccurate conversions with SwiftPublish, and printer controls such as duplexing and tray selection are preserved.
    • Unlike typical Windows "print to file" drivers (e.g., to fax), SwiftPublish captures the document's original searchable text.
    • SwiftView is a high-performance, production-quality viewer.  No waiting for viewer startup!

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