Slash your support costs with SwiftView

SwiftView and PCL/HPGL can dramatically reduce your support costs compared with using PDF and Acrobat. Here's why:

  • The SwiftView viewer is much easier and faster to learn and use.

  • You probably are already using PCL/HPGL every day to print your documents.

  • No more unexpected format errors due to conversion to PDF!  Distribute your actual PCL and HPGL print files to keep your portable documents small, fast, and print-perfect. Deliver documents without QA hassle or worry about errors, because the print file is the document, pure and simple.

  • No more big, slow, 16 megabyte viewer downloads or multi-click installs.  Your users get a fast, light viewer that downloads and installs transparently in seconds, for FREE!

  • SwiftView is a reliable viewer backed up by a knowledgeable and accessible support staff, without per-incident charges. 

  • No more buying the product over and over again forever!  Your first year of support is included in the purchase price; access to new releases and support costs just 15%/year. 
  • Acrobat is popular because it's free and already installed on most systems (if you don't require the bugfixes or features of version 5.1, 6, 6.0.1, 7, 8...).  SwiftStamp neutralizes this advantage.  Anyone who gets your SwiftStamped document can download and use SwiftView on any PC in seconds.

    More ways to save money with SwiftView.

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