Why use PCL and HPGL to distribute documents instead of PDF? Why PCL and HPGL?
Use the right format for the job
Most people use PCL or HPGL every day in their work, and don't even know it!  Whenever anyone prints a document on a LaserJet-compatible printer or plots a drawing on an HP plotter, they use PCL or HPGL.  Most report generation systems output PCL because it is efficient, simple, and easy to generate. 

PCL and HPGL print files are also instant portable documents.  Just add the SwiftView viewer!  Because PCL and HPGL are your document's original, accurate printed form—not conversions*— distributing them as-is is a better alternative to converting to PDF, particularly for: 

  • large documents or print files, e.g., computer-generated reports, direct mail print jobs, or other variable data applications like mail merge and billing (PCL)
  • engineering drawings or other very scalable, high-resolution documents (HPGL)
  • fast on-line delivery, display, and printing of documents
  • very accurate computer display and print (e.g., mixed letter/legal page sizes, critical legal documents, government-mandated formats, E-size CAD output, etc.)

For applications where PDF is necessary (e.g. casual-use, customer-facing solutions), you can easily export accurate, searchable raster PDF with SwiftView Pro or SwiftConvert.

     * Why the hubbub about conversions?  Distributing original print formats like PCL and HPGL eliminates the errors and constant proofreading required by any conversion and guarantees that that document you sent is identical to the document you printed. 

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