SwiftView Reference Partners

Our Reference Partnerships offer companies the opportunity to align with SwiftView Tools and benefit from the sale of our superior software solutions. Reference partners generally will have existing relationships with customers who require SwiftView Tools products. However reference partners may not have the integration support services or technical resources to be a value added reseller. By working closely with the eLynx direct sales force on identified opportunities, you can leverage your customer knowledge, enhance your customer relationships, and improve your profitability through the resale of our market-leading technology.

In a typical Reference Partnership arrangement, the partner handles all sales contact with the end customer and places the sales order with SwiftView sales. The sales order must include the minimum end-customer information as required by the Reference Partnership agreement. Upon receipt of the completed order, SwiftView will generate the customer license or licenses and ship the licenses directly to the end customer. SwiftView will invoice the partner at a discounted rate; the partner is responsible for invoicing and collecting from the end customer.

Basic terms for the Reference Partnership include:

  • Discounts from list price are available on all authorized products.
  • Reference partners order from SwiftView; SwiftView ships directly to end customer.
  • Minimum initial purchase required to qualify for Reference Partnership.
  • Signed Reference Partnership Agreement is required prior to initial order.
  • License and maintenance agreements are between SwiftView and end customer.
  • Reference partner discounts are based on purchase commitments and annual sales volume. 

To discuss Reference Partnerships email SwiftView Partner Sales or phone 800-304-5941 ext. 661 or 971-223-2600 ext. 661.  All partner programs are subject to the terms and conditions of our Standard Software Licensing Agreement.

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