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This is a fully functional free 30-day trial installation. During the evaluation period, all pages viewed or printed will be watermarked.  After that, you must purchase and install a license and install the production version of the product to continue using it.  Note, you will need your SwiftView ID to download the production version of the product.   If you do not wish to purchase a license, just uninstall SwiftView from the Control Panel after you have completed your trial.

If you are currently using a previous version of SwiftView and have a customized installation, we recommend that you back up your swiftview.ini file before installing this trial version. That way, if you need to restore your prior version of SwiftView, you will be able to restore any customizations made to SwiftView. If you need assistance with this, please email SwiftView support.
In order to authorize your use of SwiftView Pro Viewer and to better serve you, we ask that you enter the following information. We don't abuse this information and it is NEVER provided to anyone else.

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Traditional Multi-Format SwiftView
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