SwiftView SwiftView Updates for Customers with Current Support SwiftView Updates for Customers with Current Support
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Please enter your SwiftView ID here to proceed: 
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Your company's primary contact with SwiftView, Inc. should have your SwiftView ID.  If you cannot find your ID, please email your company name to licensing@swiftview.com or call SwiftView Licensing at 800-304-5941x628. 

Note to OEM and ASP customers: Most OEMs and some Application Service Providers have a special build of the software for distribution to their customers.  The copy you download here can only be used if you have a separate license deployed internally in your company.  You will need to email or call SwiftView Licensing to update your distribution copy. 

Note to LAN license owners: If you obtained your LAN license file before November 2006, Windows SwiftView 8.3 or later requires a new LAN license file that is locked to your LAN file server. Please email licensing@swiftview.com or call SwiftView licensing at 800-304-5941x628 for a free license file update.

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