Moore Wallace Customer Profile
Moore Wallace Inc., handles large print jobs (e.g., 40 MB, 30K pages) from completed print files, not source, so if there's insertion damage, rather than reprint the whole job, they only reprint the damaged part.  SwiftView lets Moore Wallace view and selectively reprint very quickly and easily.

The Company
Moore Wallace Inc., the 2003 merger of Moore Corporation Ltd. and Wallace Computer Services, Inc., is an international leader in the management and distribution of print and digital information.  Moore Wallace operates three business segments.   The Forms and Labels business designs, manufactures and sells paper-based and electronic business forms and labels and provides electronic print management solutions.  The Outsourcing business provides high-quality, high-volume variably imaged print and mail, electronic statement and database management services.  The Commercial Printing business produces high-quality, multi-color personalized business communications and provides direct marketing services, including project, database and list management services.

The Challenge
Moore Wallace Commercial Printing prints and mechanically inserts statements, bills, checks, etc., into envelopes and mails them out.   The machines that insert the mail into envelopes are designed to run at 1,000 pages a minute (ppm).   Occasionally the machines rip pages, and Moore Wallace must recreate just that one mail piece.   Reprinting the damaged pieces first entails searching the enormous print file - 40 Megabytes or 100,000 pages are not uncommon.   They needed a product that could easily find something like "John Smith on page 80,432" and stress that they "can't stop a job that's running at 180 ppm just to reprint 6 pages!"

The Solution
Moore Wallace knew they would be looking at PCL, the de facto language of business office printers, and the printers on which they would be reprinting damaged pieces.   PCL was also ideal because as the actual print data stream it is a common format supplied by the customer and when not, PCL is a format into which the others are easily recast.   They began looking for PCL viewers that could search text and pages and reprint easily.   "The first, second, and third PCL viewers we tested simply didn't work," says Mark McCall, manager of information systems at Moore Wallace, Business Communications Services.   "When we found SwiftView we knew right away that we were way ahead of the game.   SwiftView did the job and it's very fast."

McCall explains how they use SwiftView.   "A customer sends their checks to our mainframe.   I send the file down to a print server using Xerox XPAF software, where I can access the PCL file using SwiftView, if we need to.   If there's a problem, we can open the PCL, view it, and search for the check we want to recreate.   I print that file to the MICR check printer, where they print all the damages. It works really well!"

"Our company benefits enormously in savings of time and materials, which both equate to money," says McCall.   "In order to set up a 1,000 ppm printer, you feed a huge roll through it, which takes a lot of paper - it wastes quite a bit.   That waste is justified for a job running thousands of sheets, but for running 10 sheets, it is a complete waste of paper and expensive.   Time is a big issue, too, since it takes about an hour to set up a printer.   With SwiftView, it takes very little print time to reprint, demonstrated by the fact that there is really only one regular SwiftView user: the person who does the recreation of damaged pieces."

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