Major Industries Served by SwiftView
SwiftView is a used in a wide range of industries.   Hear from people in your industry why they chose SwiftView and PCL/HPGL to enhance their document workflow! 

Direct Mail & Print Services “The performance of SwiftView across the broad range of print pieces on which our user base has tried it has been nothing short of outstanding, and we couldn't be happier with your product."

Engineering & Manufacturing “Our HPGL plotfiles drive engraving equipment. The guys on the manufacturing floor inspect plates [to be tacked onto our switches and components] for accuracy against what SwiftView renders to the screen.”

Government "A surveyor can go online, find a plan and view it on-screen instantly with SwiftView or have an electronic copy e-mailed to them in a matter of minutes."

Finance & Legal “We do fairly complex legal documents with special fonts, graphics and lines, and SwiftView was the only PCL viewer that could render our documents without problems."

Payroll "With SwiftView, customers can view reports in the same format as we would normally print them - reports display exactly the same online as they do on paper."

Insurance “We process auto insurance premiums in PCL and rather than send multiple copies to printers, we're publishing reports for viewing with SwiftView on the network. This has significantly reduced our paper costs."

Medical Many hospitals, HMOs, and medical device companies worldwide use SwiftView to create, convert, display, manage and store medical records, device output, lab results, and more.

Banking and Mortgage Lending "We prefer PCL for our mortgage documents, it has everything you need for formatting and it's very compact. SwiftView's a perfect fit."

Real Estate "I've never seen a product that could view PCL files with the ease of SwiftView. Now we can post online flood, tax, credit, title, escrow - all kinds of mortgage documents."

ERP Reports “We get large reports out of Sybase and rather than send them to the printer for an hour, we print-to-file and preview, then maybe select specific pages to print, controlling the document from the backend with SwiftView."

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