SwiftView Solutions for Document Management

SwiftView makes managing electronic print-fomatted documents a snap using accurate, efficient PCL, HPGL, and TIFF.  Here are key aspects of Document Management in which customers apply SwiftView:

  • Deliver via LAN, WAN, CD, email, website, or eLynx secure document delivery
  • View accurately: looks online exactly like the printed original
  • Print fast and accurately on any printer, anywhere
  • Index and search: PCL text is also selectable - no OCR required!
  • Archive in print formats that speed archiving and assure accuracy, usability

SwiftView Customer Profiles: Document Management
Internal report viewing Curtis & Tompkins uses SwiftView to eliminate truckloads of paper and improve workflow efficiency and productivity with web-based report viewing in their analytical laboratories.
Simple COLD system A consultant for Intermountain Power used SwiftView to build a powerful, inexpensive COLD system for IPSC that uses legacy data and forms.  SwiftView manages PCL macros, enabling the system to combine forms with compressed data seamlessly.
Internet document delivery This article tells why Datatrac, a financial data reporting company, chose SwiftView to give their customers fast access to print-ready documents on the internet, instead of using HTML or PDF.
PCL testing
PCL/HPGL viewing
More than 35 Hewlett-Packard divisions worldwide have adopted SwiftView as the common HPGL/PCL/TIFF viewer in the corporate Product Design Management System.  The move to SwiftView enabled HP to stop supporting the microfiche format.
Web document repository A linked article in Real Times tells about Stewart Information's E-commerce network RealEC, designed to order and deliver real estate information services with an Internet- based document repository to provide on-line access to the documents related to real estate transactions.
Web records access Government-owned Information Services Corporation (ISC) of Saskatchewan seleted SwiftView for viewing online land titles and all other property records in the Province of Saskatchewan.
Photos & Records Evans & Ricker, Inc.'s Lock & Track corrections management system uses SwiftView to link color photos with archived prisoner records.  The high security integrated, automated management system can only be accessed by authorized users.
Access to city plans A linked article in The Business Journal of Portland, describes how all plans and maps of projects built in the City of Tigard are stored in its graphic information system, accessed and viewed by the public with SwiftView.
Enhances product, ease of use Altec integrated the SwiftView viewer into its Doc-linkŪ product in the 1990s and now uses the SwiftView PageExtractor to help process PCL files.  Altec also uses the viewer to provide configuration support within configuration screens.

Customer Quotes

“We faced the prospect of extending our $50K custom document management system to the desktop at $2,400 a seat.  The functionality, usability and ODBC drivers all would've been slow.  With SwiftView and the intranet, we're doing it much better, much faster, for virtually NOTHING.”
- Paul Stamas, MIS Manager, AES AES Logo

“SwiftView's great. It's the only viewer we've found that can handle our requirements.”
- Elliott Perry, Dell Computer

“We are a school district of about 80,000 students in 200 schools. Our transportation (school bus) guys want to distribute route maps and so forth using our www based intranet.  PCL docs end up being smaller than PDF so we’ll be using SwiftView.”

“We're posting insurance forms in PCL directly to our intranet without conversion into PDF. The accuracy issue is something we're thinking about now, as we've noticed that PDF changes some things on the overlay forms.”

“Our website has a huge problem with PDF: our 45,000 sales documents are big, slow and have poor integrity. SwiftView is preferable and it's the only UNIX-and-Windows solution we could find.”

“We’re viewing expense reports on the company's intranet.  We tried to work with PDF but we didn't have much control over it.  SwiftView’s pulled us out of a bind.  Accounting is married to this spreadsheet and the only way we can view it on the intranet is in PCL with SwiftView.”

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