SwiftView Solutions for Customer Information Management

SwiftView perfectly unifies paper and electronic documents to save your customer support organizations time and money.  You can use SwiftView to set up cost-effective bill payment (EBPP) systems.  Customers and CSRs will see one consistent format for their bills/invoices/statements, whether they see it on paper or online (web, intranet, or LAN).  Here are the key ways in which customers apply SwiftView for Customer Information Management:

  • Deliver customer statements, reports and records electronically
  • Fast Access Give customer support quick access to online bills, medical images/records, and more
  • Extract - provide web presentation of individual statements quickly, easily and securely by extracting pages from large batch print jobs

SwiftView Case Studies: Customer Information Management
Customer access to payroll reports This major payroll service uses SwiftView to let customers view and print their own payroll reports.  Customers love the quick web delivery and 24-hour access, and the company saves on printing and mailing costs.
Speedy CSR access to bills Horry Telephone Cooperative CSRs quickly see accurate zipped PCL billing statements on the intranet. HTC tried PDF, but it was slower for CSRs than paper! In addition, automatically generated (no conversion) PCL files also take up much less disk space.
Online insurance documents for CSRs Oxford Health Plans captures, creates and distributes all documents electronically to over 2,500 employee desktops connected via a multistate wide-area network (WAN).  CSRs and others view everything with SwiftView, which provides fast, accurate viewing without creating significant server load.
Online account access The British Columbia, Canada, Ministry of Finance gives all current and past employees online access to information about their retirement accounts.
Vendor access to plans Using SwiftView, David Weekley Homes quickly established a system for distributing electronic house plans to outside vendors and subcontractors, speeding up and increasing the accuracy of their work with customers.
Delivery of reports to subscribers A linked article in Intranet Design Magazine tells how timely delivery and document accuracy were crucial to the success of Datatrac's bank rate tracking service.  Datatrac automates Web-based reports with data from a legacy system.  
Manager access to invoices GTE National Fleet Operationsuses SwiftView to give remote managers and supervisors access to invoices quickly and conveniently from a centralized database.  Scanned invoices speed bill payment operations for a nationwide fleet of 20,000 vehicles.
Dealer access to forms Reynolds & Reynolds created a customized imaging system that gives 3,000 auto dealers on-line control and access to numerous forms generated by existing R&R systems.
Customer Quotes
“We started providing access to our engineering documents over an internal intranet.  Viewing solutions are limited and some vendors are downright greedy.  I found your licensing very reasonable - $200 a seat gets pretty pricey for three hundred occasional users.”
- Glenn Green, Bently Nevada Corp.

“We're giving our customers in 38 states better access to their deeds and financials, all in PCL format, right off our website. We won't have to mail or fax anything anymore. SwiftView is blindingly fast.”

“When someone calls to complain about a bill, the CSRs quickly need a good, straight PCL view of EXACTLY what their customer's looking at so there's no misunderstanding when they discuss individual phonecalls and transactions. SwiftView enables us to do this.”

“Our CSRs use SwiftView to access customer phone bills to discuss calls that are contended by sometimes irate customers. You've solved my immediate and extremely important need.”

“We post PCL documents to a subdirectory on our intranet for staff out in the field.  This is just what the Doctor ordered.”

“Our Billing Department has to be able to look at these invoices [3000 page PCL files] on line when charges are contested, etc., and right now this viewer looks to be our best option.”

“We post PCL documents to a subdirectory on our intranet for staff out in the field. This is just what the Doctor ordered.”

“Our Forwarding company has an in-house developed app that sends files in printer format to clients and field people, but our customers no longer want all these files exploding to paper, they just want to look at pages two and three, for instance, and SwiftView does a great job of previewing. We looked at other viewers we found on the Net and there's a mass of difference, particularly with your speed. We don't need a mouthful of DLLs, you know what I’m saying? And this viewer is so simple to use, the decision was hands down SwiftView.”

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