SwiftView Solutions for Archiving and Document Repositories

Imagine electronic document archives or libraries that everyone can use -- on PCs and Unix workstations, from Windows 3.11 to Linux.  SwiftView makes it simple, using universal formats PCL, HPGL, and TIFF.  PCL is ideal for documents, HPGL for drawings, and TIFF for scanned paper documents.  Here are some of the many ways that customers use SwiftView with their storage, archiving and repository applications:

  • For text documents: Archiving as PCL speeds storage of existing Windows and Unix files, while keeping files print-perfect, indexable, and text searchable.
  • For images: SwiftView is the fastest, sharpest viewer available for accessing archived scanned and faxed TIFF images.
  • For CAD drawings: HPGL preserves complex high-resolution vector drawings just as they print on HP plotters.  SwiftView views HPGL with lightning speed, supports redline collaboration and markup, and prints to any printer or plotter, now or in the future.  HPGL drawing repositories can unite all proprietary CAD formats.  Provide cost-effective access to anyone: vendors and subcontractors, accounting, sales, and even factory floor workers - no expensive CAD licenses required!

SwiftView Customer Profiles: Archiving, Storage and Repositories
Electronic Drawing Library Novatec, a machinery manufacturer, chose SwiftView as the core to its new drawing repository, which made it easy to distribute technical drawings throughout their organization.
Simple COLD system A consultant for Intermountain Power used SwiftView to build a powerful, inexpensive COLD system for IPSC that uses legacy data and forms.  SwiftView manages PCL macros, enabling the system to combine forms with compressed data seamlessly.
Web document repository A linked article in Real Times tells about Stewart Information's E-commerce network RealEC, designed to order and deliver real estate information services with an Internet- based document repository to provide on-line access to the documents related to real estate transactions.
Data mining and access to archives Altec considered PCL the best means for capturing and data mining its archived documents and chose the SwiftView viewer to allow customers who regularly referenced documents to view and reprint.
Web records management Government-owned Information Services Corporation (ISC) of Saskatchewan seleted SwiftView for viewing online land titles and all other property records in the Province of Saskatchewan.
Centralized database of invoices GTE National Fleet Operations uses SwiftView to give remote managers and supervisors access to invoices quickly and conveniently from a centralized database.  Scanned invoices speed bill payment operations for a nationwide fleet of 20,000 vehicles.
Secure archive of photos & records Evans & Ricker, Inc.'s Lock & Track corrections management system uses SwiftView to link color photos with archived prisoner records.  The high security integrated, automated management system can only be accessed by authorized users.
GIS library of city plans and maps A linked article in The Business Journal of Portland, describes how all plans and maps of projects built in the City of Tigard are stored in its graphic information system, accessed and viewed by the public with SwiftView.

Customer Quotes

“We needed to enable engineers who don't own CAD applications to be able to browse archives of drawings in a neutral format via a web browser.  We also prefer to send to other offices and clients digital copies of the drawings in a format that allows us to keep control of the base data.  Producing HPGL and using a package like SwiftView allowed this to be accomplished.  And SwiftView can be incorporated into a web browsing window, so archives can be stored as part of the company's intranet.  All our staff [approximately 200 people] will have access to the intranet via web browsers, and everybody will potentially have access to digital archives of the drawings.”

“StreamServe creates archive files which are put into an MS SQL server with PCL files as objects.  We have been using PDF files as default, because of the free Acrobat.  But when our customers have huge files or slow workstations, tests have proven that PCL and SwiftView are much faster."

“SwiftView is a great product for viewing archived files produced by our applications.  I'm a designer of enterprise GIS systems where we have a need to view HPGL2/TIFF and other images.”

“SwiftView's light in its system impact.  It's fast and easy to use PCL, which is a whole lot easier to create than PDF, which is sizable and sluggish.  With PCL, just print to file and it's done.

“We've been doing historical/archival work and the back-end processing for insurance statement mailings.  We have an application that uses a Word template, fills in certain fields, then outputs a file as if Word had printed it.  We use HP Laserjet printers, so these files come out in PCL.  We can't read them with an ordinary text editor or from Word.  Normally we don't need to “view” them - just print them, but doing archival work and instead of printing old files to see what was in them, we needed something to view them before we chose to print them or not.  SwiftView is nice and simple - oh yeah, and it actually works!”

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