SwiftView Applications SwiftView Applications
SwiftView Tools make it easy to share documents and drawings with anyone, anywhere.  Thousands of businesses worldwide use PCL/HPGL and SwiftView to capture, manage, deliver, view, print, and archive critical documents and customer information.  They know the considerable advantages of PCL and HPGL.

Document Presentation and Distribution Distribute your documents over the internet as print-perfect PCL/HPGL; any document that prints to paper will look identical on-screen.

Document Management Manage, deliver, and archive your documents in their original PCL/HPGL/TIFF print format.

CAD Drawing Management HPGL is the universal, open format for sharing drawings with customers, vendors, and the shop floor.

Output and Print Management Improve print management with print preview, reprinting, and remote printing.  Easily split large print jobs for load balancing.

Variable Data Printing Workflow Streamline print workflow and cut complex print and direct mail finishing tasks down to size.  Make million-page print jobs manageable with your existing printers.

Scanning & Imaging Serious production imaging environments benefit from high performance viewing, precise rendering, user simplicity, and ease of integration.

Archives, Libraries and Databases Accurate, tamper-proof, long-lived electronic document archives are a snap with SwiftView.  View, index, search, markup, and print without originating software, from any Windows or Unix system.

Customer Service Make documents accessible online (LAN, intranet) for service representatives; give customers, vendors, etc., the ability to view and print through a website.

Systems/Software Integration Many companies integrate SwiftView into their software and systems to enhance features and performance.

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